Imprisoned Souls?

Nights ago I had a strange dream which left me a persistent uneasiness. And last night there was the second part. Only seldom I had dreams with a continuation. Somehow this is also strange…

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So Much Has Changed!

The other day I happened to remember the horrible state in which I was last march. Finally I was free from my mother, but a lot of other problems arose. No peace to breath freely and recover.

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So strange…

Yesterday, I was driving home from Fermo, the main little town of the province. I had different sessions there. I got into the car and I happened to see the hour: 5.55.
I thought I will google it, hoping to find among the countless sugary pretty-pretty pages which repeat comforting and banal blah-blah… the one that perhaps says something whose energy doesn’t have the schmaltzy vibes which immediately put me off.

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Turning Page

Finally yesterday I felt like living again. And finally, yesterday, I felt like going for a walk, again. I drove down to the coast, only 6 km distant, and it was really beautiful! The scent of the sea, the breeze, … everything perfect, including me.

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An Introvert Extrovert…

For sure I am an introvert who had to learn to behave like an extrovert… or perhaps I am an ambivert. But for sure I don’t like the situations where extroverts get energised, to me this kind of circumstances drain me. Nonetheless I love to be among dear friends.