The Malign Nature of Some Humans

Being a Spiritual Astrologer I read charts, interpreting the spiritual path (challenges and gifts/tools we are born with in order to evolve our spiritual state) the soul has chosen to go through in this incarnation on Earth.

It is extremely obvious that there are good souls and bad ones. Really bad! I assure you. But we are very much afraid of evil. We prefer to find psychological reasons that explain us why some people are so bad. We can’t accept that a human being can be evil. Especially when connected to a child.

How can a child be bad?
Yes, a child can come to earth with very bad characteristics! And this is an incredible harsh lesson for the parents. Therefore I usually do not accept to give a spiritual reading to a child chart in the case it may be one of those terrible situations to which parents are not ready to cope with and I do not possess the skills and authority to tell them what I see in their child’s chart.

In general society relates “innocence” to children and can’t therefore cope with the idea of that “innocence” related to evil. Even in the school system they consider every child as an innocent and pure being that has to be helped to develop naturally.

“Constructivist teaching methods (as developmentalism) have consistently re-appeared under different names throughout the past several decades. Every time one of these teaching methods is shown to be ineffective by empirical research, it reappears under a different label.

This ideology educators wholeheartedly support any teaching strategy that allows children to develop naturally, while any teaching method that involves an interference with natural development is seen as harmful. …

This ideology ignores the well-established psychological literature indicating that children have inherently violent and dangerous tendencies. … One goal of education, therefore, should be to develop children’s control of their negative tendencies and to further their positive traits.

Instead of helping prospective educators learn how to teach, colleges of education tend to push a particular perspective on teaching: teaching methods that are aligned with this perspective are advocated, and teaching methods in opposition to it are rejected—even if they are more effective at furthering students’ academic achievement, self-esteem and critical thinking skills. …

Source: Areo Magazine

And yet, the reality is that, on Earth, many unsuspected people have very dark aspects within!

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